1. Georgia’s World: A journey through the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe

    Read the full comic at Medium.com.

  2. Monday Morning

  3. Remembering Futurism

    This comic appeared as the first in my series “Who Needs Art?” for Medium.com.

    (Source: incidentalcomics.com)

  4. The Original Manuscripts

  5. People of the Art Museum: An Illustrated Journal

    Read the full comic at Medium.com

  6. The Story Coaster

    Drawing for the 7/14 Sunday NY Times Book Review - thanks to editor Pamela Paul! 

  7. Shakespeare in the Park

    All words in this comic are courtesy of the great William Shakespeare.

  8. Reading Is Dangerous

    Illustration for the essay "Clunkers" by James McWilliams in the Sunday NY Times Book Review. Thanks to ADs Rex Bonomelli and Nicholas Blechman!

  9. When You Are Gone

  10. There are worlds…