1. American Art

    This comic originally appeared in my series “Who Needs Art?” for Medium.com. Our country’s Congress may be inept, but our art is still pretty great.

  2. A New Style

    My latest comic for Medium.com tackles the Dutch art movement De Stijl. You can read the full comic here. Caution: may contain primary colors. 

  3. I was interviewed by Kate Donnelly for her great site “From the Desks of…” 

    Follow the link for pictures of my workspace, thoughts about my process, and a guest appearance by my toy poodle: http://fromyourdesks.com/2013/09/16/grant-snider/

  4. Dada Day

    This comic appeared as the third in my series "Who Needs Art?" for Medium.com.


  5. unnikrishna said: Hi Grant, What medium you use for cartoon? Is it digital or water colour? All the best, umd

    Hi! I draw my lines in pen, shade with marker, then I scan the drawing and add color in Photoshop. Here’s a before and after of my process:

  6. The Ghosts of Creativity

  7. My Neighbor Magritte

    Read the full comic in my series "Who Needs Art?" at Medium.com

  8. Self Portrait

    This comic appeared as the second in my series "Who Needs Art?" for Medium.com.

    (Source: incidentalcomics.com)

  9. Georgia’s World: A journey through the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe

    Read the full comic at Medium.com.

  10. Monday Morning