1. New Crayons

  2. Georgia’s World: A journey through the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe

    This piece first appeared as the seventh of ten comics in my series "Who Needs Art?" for Medium.com.

  3. Partly Cloudy

  4. A Year of Parenting

    To celebrate my daughter’s first birthday, I drew my most autobiographical comic ever. 

  5. What Happens After the Great Operas?

    Illustrations for "Liberating the Librettos" by Anthony Tommasini in the 11/10 NY Times. 

    (Source: incidentalcomics.com)

  6. After the Curtain Falls

    An illustration for the Nov. 10 NY Times Arts & Leisure section, for an article on opera by Anthony Tommasini. Tommasini asks the unanswerable question: what happens to the characters after the curtain falls? 

  7. People of the Art Museum 

    An illustrated journal of the Denver Art Museum for my series "Who Needs Art" at Medium.com

  8. Horror Story

  9. Sculptor vs. Painter (or Constructivist vs. Suprematist)

    This comic first appeared in my series "Who Needs Art?" for Medium.com. 

  10. Autumn Sketchbook

    (Source: incidentalcomics.com)