1. Conflict in Literature


  2. prodigis said: i love your comics and want to make a comic myself for the first time, any advice?

    1. Make the words and pictures do different things.

    2. Don’t try to cram too much into a single panel.

    3. One of the main characters should be a cat.

  3. Collecting My Thoughts


  4. shmarmigans said: in which i attempt to ask the most overused question of all time: how did you learn to draw? and then there's a follow-up: where can i learn to do that?

    Great question! Unfortunately, I haven’t taken any art classes, aside from a couple in high school and middle school. I got angry when my 7th grade art teacher told me my drawings of hands relied too heavily on outline, but I think she was probably right.

    I learned to draw comics by studying the work of cartoonists I admired. I’ve been most influenced by the loose, expressive drawings of Roz Chast and the precise, minimally designed panels of Tom Gauld. I think that drawing style and ability is fluid - it changes drastically over the course of a career, and sometimes over the course of a single comic strip. I try to constantly search for new visual influences to inspire my drawings, and I still get frustrated at my artistic limitations.

    My best advice is to become a connoisseur of color, composition, and line quality. Hopefully by trying to draw like a few different people at once, you’ll end up drawing like yourself. 

  5. "Waiting for the Digital Grid," Strategy+Business Magazine, AD Kira Csakany
    "Words for the Dumpster," The New York Times, AD Alexandra Zsigmond

    The secret of editorial illustration is convincing the art director to let you draw animals. 

  6. Writing a Poem

    National Poetry month is almost over. Time to start riding/writing!

  7. Finding Purpose

    Illustration for the 4/20 NY Times Sunday Review, for an op-ed on finding meaning at work. Thanks to AD Aviva Michaelov!

  8. Unexpected Rain Song

    "April Rain Song" by Langston Hughes was one of my favorite poems from childhood. I’ve experienced the rain a bit differently as an adult. 


  9. justapaigeinmybook said: I love your comics! You wouldn't happen to be from Kansas City would you?

    Thanks! I’m actually from Wichita, Kansas (Air Capital of the World), but I spent the early part of my comics career as a student in Kansas City. 

  10. Understanding Poetry

    Happy National Poetry Month! This comic was inspired by one of my favorite poems, "The New Poetry Handbook" by Mark Strand. This month on Incidental Comics, I’ll be exploring the world of poetry. A place, as Marianne Moore famously said, of  ”imaginary gardens with real toads in them.”